15UG Cardinal Program

A cardinal team is a development team within Reds Volleyball Club. The 15U program invites athletes to compete in a competitive environment and compete in Volleyball New Brunswick's 15U age class league.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not much difference. A Crimson team has first choice of athletes in the selection process. Both teams compete in the same VNB Age class leagues and both have an equal chance to compete for a provincial tier 1 championship. Both teams practise the same amount. Crimson teams are often more likely to train and compete in the Winter-Spring season and are more likely to travel for competition.

This program involves 2-ninety minute training sessions per week. The coaches usually do a 5 minute introduction, 25 minutes of maintenance/warmup, 25 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of game play. The last 5 minutes is reserved for equipment tear down.

The team is coached by one or more coaches. See here for a list of current coaches.

This program is traditionally a fall program running from early September to mid December. However, teams have the option of continuing into a winter-spring program that may run until late February or right until May for those teams that wish to compete in Volleyball Canada Nationals.

Although fees are set each fall, the program generally costs about $300-$400 per athlete for the fall. However, the fee is based on the season plan accepted by the parents. Winter programs would be in addition to the fall fee and typically involves much higher travel costs. Estimated total cost could be in the $1500-$3000 depending on the season plan.

This program is offered at Fredericton area public schools gymnasiums. See training schedule for details.

Registration opens each summer in mid July for fall programs. As a early-competitive team, athletes must participate in a tryout process. Selected athletes will be invited to register to pay fees via the club registration site.

Athletes will need volleyball/gym shoes, shorts, a T-shirt and a water bottle. A club T-shirt will be provided as part of their registration fee. Optional gear may include knee pads, passing sleeves.

Teams are expected to compete in the Volleyball New Brunswick Age Class leagues which run from October until early December. Teams are also expected to compete in Volleyball NB Age Class Provincials held in mid December each year. This large, multi-divisional event is a three tournament that crowns provincial champions in each age category. Teams may also optionally compete in exhibition matches or tournaments.

Ultimately, the coaching team determines how many tournament the team will compete in. Through consultation with athlete's parents, the coach will determine the number of tournaments when presenting the season plan and budget to the parents.

Yes, As this team shall compete in VNB provincials, the team is subject to Volleyball Canada and VNB age restrictions which are not flexible.

To offer programs on this scale, the club needs to commit to expenses like gym time rentals and the purchase of T-shirts. As a result we are not normally in a position to offer refunds; however, you may request an exemption from the club director which may be considered.

Yes. All teams could use a team manager for planning and organizing. Please contact your team head coach discuss opportunities.