11U Program

This program looks to enhance basic skills capabilities learned in grassroots and foster game play that hopes to get the athletes from small teams of 2V2 to a model that could see them playing 6V6 triple ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program involves 8-hour and a half sessions that involve both instruction and game play. The coaches usually do a 5 minute introduction, 50 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of game play. The last 5 minutes is reserved for equipment tear down.

Each session is lead by a lead instructor who will lay out basic objectives and outline drills and game play. Small group leaders will work with groups of 4-6 athletes to relay on instruction and lead players through drills and game play. Small group leaders are typically members of senior volleyball teams in the club.

This program is traditionally a fall program running from early September to early November.

Although fees are set each fall, the program generally costs about $130 per athlete.

This program is offered at Fredericton High School Main Gym from 12-1:30pm.

Registration opens each summer in mid July for fall programs. Registration and payment must be performed online at our registration site. The number of available spots is limited so register early.

Just bring a pair of gym shoes, shorts, and a T-shirt. A water bottle is preferred so that athletes don't need to line up at a fountain during water breaks. A club T-shirt will be provided as part of their registration fee.

The 11U program ends with a club championship which offers the athletes a chance to compete for the Mega Uber Ginormous Bowl. The athletes usually compete for this event during Reds Little Red Tournament held each November. The game that the athletes compete in varies year by year depending on the capabilities and progress of the athletes.

Not really. Although we use age as an indication of capability, our grassroots program is flexible to allow athletes to move between 8U and 10U. If the athlete is advanced, we can also offer 11U programs. Contact the club director to request a move.

To offer programs on this scale, the club needs to commit to expenses like gym time rentals and the purchase of T-shirts. As a result we are not normally in a position to offer refunds; however, you may request an exemption from the club director which may be considered.

Well of course you can. We encourage parents to get involved provided that you fall under the general leadership of the lead instructor and that you reflect Reds values of fun style of teaching. Please discuss with the instructor before jumping in. The club also could use lots of volunteer help at the Little Red Tournament and to administer the club championship (keeping score, etc.)